Adult Boot Guard

SKU: 1129431-CHE-XS-XS

Fitting most UGG footwear with a flat outsole and rounded, closed toe, the unique colorways range from understated to bold so you can personalize your favorite pair of shoes.

Disclaimer: This accessory is compatible with a range of UGG footwear and is not designed for use with other brands. It should not be used with any UGG footwear having a heel or an open toe. Due to the nature of this product, it is possible that the shape or color of the UGG footwear used with the boot guard may be affected. This accessory will not fit certain UGG styles including:

• Aubrielle and Syden (outsole is not flat)
• Classic Femme (internal heel wedge)
• Styles with a platform or heel
• Westsider, CA805, LA Cloud, Marin (toe shape is not round enough)
• Biltmore, Butte, Adirondack, Harrison (outsole is not flat)
• Ansley, Dakota, Ascot (outsole is too thin)
• Fluff Yeah, Scuff, Scuffette, Coquette (not recommended for anything with an open toe or heel)