Kids' Barbie Cutie Crush Clog

SKU: 208805-6SW-C12-M

We created an elevated, flatform version of our Classic icon for kids. Introducing the Classic Crocs Cutie Clog, featuring a heightened, flatform outsole that supports the upper you know and love, an updated tread and a customizable backstrap built for Jibbitz™ charms. Give your kiddo a little boost with the Classic Crocs Cutie Clog.

Kids' Cutie Crush Clog Details:
• Elevated 1.6-inch / 4.09cm flatform outsoles for a little lift
• Slightly slimmer silhouette than the Classic Clog for a more feminine look
• Same Classic Clog upper
• Customizable with Jibbitz™ charms on the upper and backstrap
• Iconic Crocs Comfort™: Lightweight. Flexible. 360-degree comfort.