Women's Felix Trainer

Durable finish
Wedges are the perfect shoes for a summer walk, so it’s important that they are durable and comfortable. Choose those with a sole made of high-quality material, which is known for its solid finish.

Light and comfortable
• Looking for lightweight and comfortable wedge shoes? Choose those with a fabric upper and feel the joy in wearing them, no matter the heel height!

Durable insole
• The material insole used in these shoes is characterized by its flexibility and softness. Enjoy a springy and lightweight step regardless of the height of your heels.

Stop fatigue
• The material used for the interior of these shoes perfectly hugs the foot, making it easier to walk on heels and prevents leg fatigue.

On at once
• If you value shoes that you can put on easily, quickly and efficiently, slip-on wedge shoes are the perfect choice for you. They are beautiful, feminine and very practical!