Men's XC4® H2 Sport Hybrid Knit U-Throat

Modern technology meets heritage craftsmanship in styles designed to perform on or off the course.
Breathable, waterproof construction keeps feet dry and comfortable even in wet conditions.
High-performance knit and super-soft waterproof leather.
Neoprene stretch collar.
J&M Smart Degree Technology™ temperature-regulating polymers that line the interior activate at both hot and cold temperatures, so your feet feel just-right all day long.
Dual-width footbed can be easily removed to accommodate your own orthotic or wide foot.
Triple-density footbed with memory-foam cushioning and arch support.
Lightweight, shock-absorbing full EVA midsole cushions and supports toe to heel.
Hybrid lug sole provides turf-hugging traction and stability on the greens, and comfort on the street.